Welcome to GenSelector

GenSelector is a genotype selection decision support tool developed by RPBC and Scion for all RPBC Shareholders. The aim is to enable all Shareholders to make more informed decisions on germplasm selection for deployment in forest operations.

The purpose of GenSelector is to generate Seed Mixes suited to specific management objectives e.g. structural regimes, pruned regimes. In GenSelector these regimes are referred to as Target Crops.

First step is to click on the MANAGE tab.

The simulation process

With GenSelector, a user can evaluate seed (crosses) available from orchards, or select crosses for pollinations and future seed production.

GenSelector ranks crosses to produce a seed mix; the user specifies the population of ortets or crosses to be used in the simulation, and the required number of crosses to be included in the mix.

Simulation involves the following steps:

  1. 1. Ranking crosses based on an Index calculated according to a user-defined target crop.
  2. 2. Selection of the highest ranked crosses to make up the simulated Seed Mix, subject to user-defined mix rules.
  3. 3. In the Evaluation process: Calculation of the amount (kg) of seed required to produce a user-specified number of seedlings in the nursery.

An Index value is calculated for each cross from the selection traits for each target crop. The Index is used to rank all crosses.

Traits included in the Index calculation are selected and prioritised by the user when defining the Target Crop

GenSelector calculates an Index value for each Cross by:

  1. 1. Multiplying the Standardised Breeding Value for each specified selection trait by a priority weighting defined by the user (for a specified target crop); and
  2. 2. Summing the values calculated for each Trait in Step 1.